The Toronto Compassion Centre (TCC) was established in 1997, run ‘by members for members’ to serve two purposes: the provision information relating to the therapeutic use of cannabis, and facilitation of access to consistent, safe, and dependable sources of medical cannabis products for people suffering from ailments for which cannabis has been shown to be effective.

Cannabis (in the form of the dried flowers and other parts purposefully taken from various varieties of cannabis Sativa – also known as medical marijuana – plants) has been used effectively for thousands of years in the treatment of various medical conditions. In recent years, it has been shown to be perhaps one of the best available treatment for the symptoms of a number of ailments. Further, marijuana has been shown to be one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to mankind. Unlike most of the alternatives, marijuana has practically no harmful side effects and produces no physical dependence.

The Toronto Compassion Centre was created to help people who suffer unnecessarily. TCC and the Centres and Dispensaries with whom it has been affiliated have filled the gap between our society’s widespread acceptance of the benefits of cannabis as medicine and our government’s reluctance to provide information, education, hands-on experience and reasonable access relating to medicinal cannabis products.

For obvious legal reasons, the provision of cannabis products by Canadian Doctors / Licensed Producers and “Medical Cannabis Dispensaries” has been restricted to people who satisfy strict medical requirements.

For more information about cannabis in Toronto, and ‘Yongesterdam’, visit THC’s website!